Wills and Trusts

Powerbrokers is an Authorised Financial Services Provider License Number 9635

Fiduciary Services

At the core of our fiduciary service is an understanding of your need to provide for your family’s future through a meaningful legacy.
Working closely with your Financial Advisor, we plan how best to manage and preserve your wealth for generations to come.

Estate Planning

Planning for the future also includes planning for when you are no longer around. An estate plan is a practical measure that ensures that your surviving spouse and minor children are taken care of, when you are no longer around to do it.

Estate Planning is focused on preserving and protecting your assets for the benefit of subsequent generations and to ensure that there is sufficient liquidity in the estate to cover estate duty, taxes, bequests, debts and administration costs.

Drafting your Will

Wills for you and your family are a necessary part of your estate plan. A Will clarifies how you wish to hand down your estate and assets, establishes who will administer your estate, who will look after your minor children, how their inheritance will be controlled, and how your family must carry out your wishes.
With a clear view of your overall financial affairs, we can assist you in drafting your Will, taking into account both local and foreign assets, and their respective jurisdictions.

Administration of Estates

As executor, our job is to effectively step into the shoes of the deceased, winding up financial affairs and distributing assets in accordance with the directions contained in the Will.

We perform our entrusted tasks efficiently, tax effectively and timeously, in terms of the Administration of Estates Act, to ensure that inheritances are not unduly delayed for beneficiaries.

We can help with all aspects of estate planning, drafting of Wills, administration of deceased estates and testamentary trusts. In carrying out our duties, we are compassionate, caring, proficient and accommodating toward beneficiaries.